Graduating with distinction, Raymond Joseph Zuppa left The University of New Mexico in Albuquerque with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Later, he attended the Hofstra University School of Law and graduated third in his class. Raymond Joseph Zuppa went to work for the Kings County District Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn, New York, in 2002.

As an Assistant District Attorney and Prosecutor in the Rackets Division, Raymond Joseph Zuppa was responsible for the investigation and prosecution of crimes in many categories. The Rackets Division handled organized crime, criminal misconduct by public officials and police officials, gang-related activity, major fraud, arson, and more. Raymond Joseph Zuppa was especially interested in pursuing no-fault insurance fraud, and recognized that this activity was a growing trend. No-fault insurance scams often involve ”runners” that act as victims, and questionable medical personnel who conjure false reports in order to get money from insurance companies.

Raymond Joseph Zuppa was successful in breaking up one very big no-fault scam syndicate during Operation Gateway. This undertaking was a massive, long-term investigation that focused on Russian organized crime. The very complex effort involved wiretapping, informants, eavesdropping, search warrants, and even the creation of a fake company to attract the subjects under surveillance. At Operation Gateway’s conclusion, more than 200 people were arrested.

In 2005, Raymond Joseph Zuppa founded The Zuppa Firm PLLC, in Brooklyn, New York. Some of the firm’s victories include Lexington Acupuncture, P.C. v. Geico Insurance Company (2007) and Brown v. Ryvkin (2010). A personal success for Raymond Joseph Zuppa concerned one of his pro bono cases, in which a World War II veteran who was convicted wrongly of a racially motivated murder in 1945 saw the felony charge erased from his record.

The Zuppa Firm PLLC also offers legal advice to the disadvantaged and supports causes that strengthen the socio-economic rights of consumers.

Raymond Joseph Zuppa lives in Hauppauge, New York, and enjoys reading, martial arts, and coaching a youth football team.


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